Creative Advanced Technologies

We are a Software House Startup, established in 2020, Focused on Edge Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning. Targeting a well diversed team of Architects, Developers, DevOps, and Cyber security experts

About us

  • We thrive on the opportunity to explore new projects, driven by our profound understanding that every business is exceptionally unique. That’s why we specialize in providing personalized systems that perfectly align with your specific requirements.

  • Our CAT products are meticulously designed to closely analyze and examine data results, where advanced analytics are provided together with insightful information that thrives on empowering a plethora of organizations in enhancing productivity and embarking on a journey toward success.

  • At CAT, we prioritize data security and compliance, basing our operations on the foundations of confidentiality, integrity, and strict adherence to regulations. Our unwavering commitment extends to full compliance with Dubai’s Data Law, reflecting our dedication to meeting local regulatory requirements. Recognizing the significant consequences businesses face in terms of data protection, we have addressed these concerns by implementing a system of security protocols and procedures. Through these measures, we ensure the comprehensive protection of your valuable information

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Why Choose Us

A powerful and innovative feature set

Improved Performance

With our Business Edge Architecture, your business applications response will be much faster.

Modular Approach

Select what you need when you need it. With flexible sizing options to match your team size and business growth.

Tailored Apps

We provide different flavors based on industry and organizational needs. To avoid any extra customization.

Regular Updates

Your applications will evolve along with your business processes, based on your feedback and requested enhancements

Backup and Recovery

Your files and business records will be always safe and available for you to restore.

Live Metrics

You have the right metrics for the right decision to take. Get a head with our BI reporting tools.

Our Creative Minds

An international team working from around the globe