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We are a Software House Startup, established in 2020, Focused on Edge Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning. Targeting a well diversed team of Architects, Developers, DevOps, and Cyber security experts.

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Our Business Edge platform is designed for deploying and scaling computing power at the true, outside the data closet, at customer premises.  It makes that compute power logistically and economically feasible.

  • Zero Touch Installation: is designed so that anyone can install it. No technicians required.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning: As soon as your servers are online, they are automatically provisioned with the applications you requested for that location. 
  • Zero Touch Update: We manage the whole stack for you so you can focus on your business logic. We make sure that the operating system and platform are always up to date.
  • Zero Touch Backup: All your data will be encrypted and backed up on daily basis to our cloud storage.
  • Zero Touch Monitoring: We provide smart monitoring.  If a Server should fail, we will automatically ship a replacement out. If your cluster starts to exceed its resources, we will alert you.

AI combined with Machine learning is used to provide our customers with the required functionality and make the business process a much simpler one.

We are focusing on 

  • Applications that help in improving systems and processes, to empower the business.
  • Provide automation for repetitive and programmatic tasks.
  • Automation platform that combines Predictive automation, and Cognitive automation.
  • Knowledge platform for capturing, processing and reusing the knowledge.
  • Data platform to provide advanced data analytics and machine learning.

Security is often an afterthought, not built in from the beginning of the lifecycle of the application and underlying infrastructure. We are adopting DevSecOps practice. DevSecOps is the industry best practice for rapid, secure software development. DevSecOps is an organizational software engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying software development (Dev), security (Sec) and operations (Ops). The main characteristic of DevSecOps is to automate, monitor, and apply security at all phases of the software lifecycle: plan, develop, build, test, release, deliver, deploy, operate, and monitor. In DevSecOps, testing and security are shifted to the left through automated unit, functional, integration, and security testing – this is a key DevSecOps differentiator since security and functional capabilities are tested and built simultaneously.

The benefits of adopting DevSecOps include:

  • Reduced mean-time to production: the average time it takes from when new software
    features are required until they are running in production;
  •  Increased deployment frequency: how often a new release can be deployed into the
    production environment;
  • Fully automated risk characterization, monitoring, and mitigation across the application
  • Software updates and patching at “the speed of operations”.


Education industry is moving towards the online realm. Which brings a big demand on developing e-learning platforms. At Creative Advanced Technologies we are working on developing an open platform that can be used by educators, academies, and open universities to reach out to learners everywhere.

We are using AI to help fill needs gaps in learning and teaching and allow schools and teachers to do more than ever before. AI can drive efficiency, personalization and streamline admin tasks.

We are developing intelligent instruction design and digital platform that use AI to provide learning, testing and feedback to students from pre-K to after college level that gives them the challenges they are ready for, identifies gaps in knowledge and redirects to new topics when appropriate. We are focusing on:

  • Differentiated and individualized learning
  • Universal access for all students
  • Automate admin tasks
  • Virtual mentors and smart contents

We are working on using AI to bridge the gap between IoT and E-Commerce. Thus allowing the smart IoT devices around us to talk to the AI powered e-commerce platform bringing us the items we need. We are focusing on:

  • Creating Customer-Centric Visual Search
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Automated Product Description
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Inventory Management and Distribution 

AI-based financial solutions are focused on the crucial needs of the modern financial sector such as better customer experience, cost-effectiveness, real-time data integration, and enhanced security. Adoption of AI and allied its applications enables the industry to create a better, engaging financial environment for its customers.

Use of AI and ML has facilitated financial and banking operations. With the help of such smart developments, fintech companies are delivering tailored products and services as per the needs of the evolving market. We are focusing on developing:

  • Contactless Payment Processing
  • End-To-End Payment Integrations
  • AI And ML Fraud Detection
  • Mobile And Wearable Payments

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